Selecting from the Top Roofers in My Area

a blue two-story home after a roof replacement in austin tx
19 October 2021

So you’ve completed step one of searching “top roofers in my area” and compiled a list of the top companies that you think are qualified for the job. If you’ve done your research correctly, these companies probably have a professional-looking website, good reviews, and maybe some pictures of their work. So how do you choose just one company from this inventory you’ve now gathered? 

Well, it starts with picking up the phone! Talking directly to roofing contractors will allow you a chance to learn about the company while simultaneously getting to know the person you’ll be working with on this critical project. A structurally sound roof is critical to protecting your home and all those who live inside it. Therefore, researching to find a quality roofing professional fit for the job is an essential step and investment. Here are a few questions we recommend asking when selecting from the top roofers in your area. 

What qualifications do you have?

Asking a contractor about their qualifications may be the best test you can perform because there are three fundamental questions they should instinctively include in their answer: How many years have they been in business? Do they have a valid contractor license? Are they properly certified? 

If a contractor includes the answers to these questions in their qualification response, it’s safe to say they come from a reputable, professional company. However, if someone starts to go on about how they “worked on their grandma’s house as a kid,” then they might not be the level of quality you’re looking for in a roofer. Of course, don’t hesitate to follow up with these specific questions if they don’t answer them right away. 

What is your experience in my requested project? 

Don’t be afraid to ask specifically about a contractor’s experience in “x” job. As roofing professionals, it’s their job to know how to work with various materials, styles, and structures. Whatever your request is, ask them to talk about a time they worked on a similar project. Maybe you want to ask them about their process or a roadblock they encountered and how they overcame it? 

Do you have a warranty policy?

Most well-established and trustworthy roofing companies offer extended warranties to give you that peace of mind that your roof will perform long-term. There are three main types of warranties, and companies should have a policy on each of them: A standard manufacturer’s warranty, an extended manufacturer’s warranty, and a workmanship warranty. A warranty’s term can range from a year to a lifetime. So naturally, you’ll want to choose a company that provides the most extended warranty coverage but is still within your budget and doesn’t sacrifice the quality of work. 

What happens if I’m unhappy with the job? 

Asking this type of question is great because it can be telling of their customer service level. A roof repair or replacement is a big deal! And you want to make sure that you feel supported throughout the entire process. Learning from one contractor that you’re on your own vs. learning from another that they’d be happy to revisit the project so it’s to your liking could be the catalyst that helps you arrive at a conclusion. 

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