Project Spotlight: The Barn

aerial view of The Barn's new roofing in Austin
10 November 2021

Austin Roofing Repair and Replacement

As a roofing specialist, no day ever looks the same! Every client we work with and project we plan for is entirely different, which is what makes our jobs so exciting and enjoyable. Here at XL Roofing, we love getting to know each and every one of you in the Austin area and working together to meet all of your roofing needs! 

We’d love to inspire our readers to learn more about Austin roofing and hopefully find it just as exciting as we do. Our Project Spotlight blogs are a way for us to give you a sneak peek into our day-to-day jobs, honor some fantastic clients, and showcase some results our team is really proud of. This week, we’re showcasing a two-day barn project in Manor, TX. Let’s dive in! 

Our Clients

First things first, let’s talk about our clients. For this project, we had the incredible opportunity to work with some first-time clients, a wonderful couple from Manor, Texas. We met Walter and his wife while knocking on doors for our Kona Ice giveaway, and we bonded with the both of them just immediately. They are a hoot! Which made the process so enjoyable for everyone involved. 

The Project

Our amazing clients are owners of a beautiful barn right on a large property in Manor. Because of inevitable wear and tear on their old roof, they decided it was time for a roof replacement to restore their barn to its pristine condition. 

The challenge? Tear off and replace 125 squares of asphalt shingles with four separate dwellings. Not only were we able to get this done, but we were able to complete this project in just two days! 

That’s not to say that we finished the project with zero challenges. We did run into some decking issues at the start of the project, but this was nothing our team couldn’t handle. It was great to be able to jump right in and overcome any challenges to get the result we wanted.

Before (left) and after (right) the roof replacement

In addition, because the policyholder lived an hour away, we were responsible for choosing the shingle color. The previous asphalt was a lighter gray that had faded over time, so we wanted to choose something that would really enhance the barn’s features and make it look brand new. 

The barn is white with dark black detailing, so we opted for a darker, charcoal color shingle to make everything pop. The policyholders were thrilled with the color choice and loved the result overall! And looking at the resulting photos, we’d have to agree. 

overhead shot of part of The Barn project
Overview shot of the barn

Shout Out to Our Fantastic Austin Roofing Team!

We’re so incredibly proud of our team for pulling off this project! We’d like to give a very special thanks to our clients for being so wonderful and enjoyable to work with throughout every step of the process. They have a beautiful barn, and it’s so rewarding to see it looking more incredible than ever before. 

Special shout out to XL’s Project manager on this project, Steve Dees, and his team members Dyan Correll, Ken Dees, and David Dees. Fantastic work, guys!

the XL Roofing team
 From left to right: Dyan Correll, Ken Dees, and David Dees. The best guys!

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